CIR - Consorzio Italiano Ricambi has been established since 1984 as a “pool” of Italian Manufacturers who are highly qualified and specialized in the production and distribution of replacement parts for a wide range of earth moving equipments, tractors and industrial vehicles.

In order to be directly present in all markets and to satisfy all the customer’s needs, a number of Companies producing and distributing parts complementary with each others, decided to organize themselves into a “pool” with the purpose to combine into a single organization the sale of their products and to provide the full range of associated service.

The form of “Consortium” was choosen being a “non profit organization" which can solve many aspects of the problem: to present a single interface to the Customer, with more power than each individual Company, a wide range of parts and providing at the same time competitive prices not affected by any mark-up.

CIR has normally available in stock more than 100.000 different parts ready for quick delivery all over the world in a few hours, thanks to a sophisticated computerized system that can find the part required by checking individual Company’s stocks.

Berco Undercarriage Parts

HQ Products

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